Friday, September 13, 2019

Women in Accounting Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Women in Accounting - Literature review Example National and international bodies have taken up the issue strongly and are championing the course of bridging the gap between males and females. The United Kingdom has a tall history as far as gender issues are concerned. As gender equality advocacy continued, the way became paved for women to be seen in all aspects of life including education, profession, planning and leadership. Accounting as a subject and profession has its own part of the history as far as female participation is concerned. and It is worth mentioning that the need to integrate women in the everyday processes of life was championed by specific people who are noted in world history the world over. In the area of accounting for instance, names such as Ellen Libby Eastman, Mary E. Murphy and Helen H. Fortune come up for discussion (Bosompem, 2007). With their effort, the way has been paved for an all-inclusive women participation in accounting. Conceding the special role that women have played and continue to play in accounting, the aim of this study is to reflect on the role of women in accounting from the 1960’s till 2010 with special emphasis on women in accounting in the United Kingdom. ... the term gender discrimination is explained to be characterized by the unequal treatment of a person based exclusively on that person's sex (Law JRank, 2009). One unfortunate situation with gender discrimination is that women have been the worse affected. The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education 2002 for instance notes that â€Å"in many cases, females were denied entry into training programs for higher-wage, traditionally male, industry and technical occupations†(123HelpMe, 2011). This observation brings to discussion the issue of gender stereotyping which is an indirect form of gender discrimination. Stereotypes â€Å"reflect ideas that groups of people hold about others who are different from them† (Media Awareness, 2010). Painfully, women were not discriminated because they lacked he capability to take up challenging responsibilities and courses in education and but were discriminated on the mere grounds of myths and self-cooked believes that purporte d women to be inferior to men (Yankson, 2010). For this reason, not many women were seen as achievers as far as educational and professional competences such as accounting were concerned. Gender stereotyping, bias in teacher practices and harassment by other students discouraged non-traditional enrolment by females (123HelpMe, 2011). But lo and behold, there was coming a time when women would see freedom. Historical Rise of women and their roles in accounting According to Jacobs & Schain (2006), American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) officials report that women are drawn to accounting because â€Å"women tend to be organized and good with people, and both are absolutely crucial to this profession†¦.Women also develop good time management skills trying to juggle kids and work (Maeglin,

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